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  • July 4, 2024 12:20 pm
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Welcome to LDS Trading, your premier destination for premium Feta Cheese in Bahrain. We take pride in bringing the authentic taste of Greek and Bulgarian-style Feta Cheese to your table, enriching your culinary creations with the rich heritage and flavors of these regions. Serving the discerning palates of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, we are committed to delivering the unique and delicious flavors of Bulgaria right to your kitchen.

Our Feta Cheese is crafted with a meticulous blend of cow, goat, and sheep milk, matured in brine to achieve its smooth, spreadable texture. This careful process imparts a distinct tangy flavor, complemented by creamy undertones and a delicate hint of saltiness. Whether you’re crumbling it over salads, blending it into dips, or enjoying it on its own, our Feta Cheese adds a gourmet touch to any dish, elevating your culinary experience.

Not only is our Feta Cheese delightful in taste, but it is also a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in lactobacillus, it supports gut health and is an excellent source of vitamins A, B, D, and E. The essential minerals and proteins in our Feta Cheese make it a wholesome addition to any diet. For those seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality option, we offer low-cost variants enriched with premium vegetarian fat, ensuring a satisfying and nutritious alternative.

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we offer our Feta Cheese in various packaging options, including plastic packs and tins, to suit your preferences. This flexibility ensures that our products maintain the highest standards of convenience and freshness, perfect for both retail consumers and culinary professionals.

At LDS Trading, we are dedicated to redefining culinary experiences with our commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence in Feta Cheese. Our focus on authenticity, quality, and affordability sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for premium Feta Cheese across the Middle East. Indulge in the rich, creamy, and tangy flavors of our Feta Cheese, and let LDS Trading be your trusted partner in culinary excellence.

Feta Cheese, White Cheese, Akkawi Cheese.


  • Feta Cheese, White Cheese, Akkawi Cheese.


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